By: John <>
Sun Feb 17 05:04:23 2002
After 50 Years I am still in love
Dearest Annie
By John
Location: Sandycroft Flintshire UK

Age:[ 70 ] Gender:[ M ]

A Farewell to Annie

I should have seen it coming,
I should have read the signs
But I was too tired and weary
To read between the lines
The angels came to take you
To a better place
Away from pain and sorrow
To a land of rest and peace

And now I think I understand
The meaning of it all
There comes a time to say goodbye
For just an interval
My love for you shall never wain
Or yours for me I know
The time will come just as for all
A time for me to go.

As you come to meet me
When I leave this earthly land
The birds shall sing the sun will shine
As we walk hand in hand
No more tears, and no more pain
Just joy and laughter once again
In Gods wonderland

-- John <>

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