By: Joel Malkar <>
Sat Jul 2 15:14:09 2005
Forever Young, 27/06/1977 ----- 14/02/2005
By Joel Malkar
Location: Haifa Israel Israel

Age:[ 55 ] Gender:[ M ]

Comments: In Grief Forever....

Hannan is, was and will always be my wonderful son,cause I still feel he is with us as he always wanted to be involved in all parts of the family life. His future plans were supposed to be a great sucess along with his beloved wife with whom he celebrated their first year of a Happy Marriage in December 2004.
Hannan on the 1st of January 2005 did not feel well and was taken to hospital for a check up and returned home with no serious claim by the doctors of a disease etc.
Medication of pills was the only solution given by the doctors. On the 6th of January evening Hannan gets a seizure attack, faints and taken by the Emergency Ward Ambulance to Hospital from where he never returned back home.
The seizures continued non stop almost till the 14th of February 2005 when he left this world with no clue of solution to the diagnosis by the best of surgeons around Israel who kept  telling us that he is attacked by a Virus unknown and not yet identified. 
Now here I am along with my wife and my daughter trying to overcome this great loss  and a heavy burden on our hearts to continue with.
As his father,I was also close to him as a friend and we shared a lot of our knowledge together and exchanging ideas on almost everything that came across our mind.
Hannan was and will be forever be very special and individualistic person that lived on this earth.  He was a real true friend to all and would do almost anything to make them happy.
Everything is different now since he has gone,and on the 27th of 
June 2005 we were in deep sorrow cause it was his 28th birthday.
I know Hannan will never come back but I hope some day we will be together again sharing all we have lost in this world.
Myself and the family miss him a lot, hoping he was still here.
I still have a lot to write about my son, but as it hurts I better continue some other time.
May his Soul Rest in Peace. Amen.   

-- Joel Malkar <>

Sat Jul 2 15:14:09 2005
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