By: Chantelle <>
Wed Jun 9 07:13:15 1999
First Robbed then Torn Apart
By Chantelle
Age:[ 18 ] Gender:[ f ]

	God stole a very precious family member from me in February and
even though it has been just over three months the pain does not
want to go away.I don't know if it's really pain or still disbelief
and shock.She was the most energetic, fun loving person I have ever
 She was in a motor cycle accident (on her own little
cruiser)when someone rammed into her.I saw her at the morgue and it
was such a shock to see that exuberant woman lying there with her
eyes so cold and blank, none of that usual sparkle, her tiny little
leg was completely disconnected from her body and her torso twisted
and split open.
 Why did God have to take such a wonderful person in
such a gruesome way?Why did he take her so quickly not giving anyone
time to say "Fiona we love you".Her three little children now have
to grow up without their mother.
 Is God just unfair and selfish
or does he have bigger, better plans for her?
 All I can say for
sure is that I miss her and I wish I had told her how much I loved
her and how much our family needs her.

-- Chantelle . . . [ ]

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