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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 86

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


The beginning of the spells for making transformations: To assume the form of a swallow.

Words spoken by the Osiris Ani, true of voice:

I am a swallow, that swallow, the scorpion, daughter of Ra.

O gods, how sweet is your odor, how sweet is your odor!

O flame which comes forth from the horizon; O you who are in the town,

I have brought the guardian who increases there. Give me your hands.

I have kept watch on the Island of Fire; I have gone according to the message, and I have come with the report of it.

I have opened them, and I speak of what I saw there.

I am as Horus, mighty in the boat, when the throne of his father was given to him, and Set, the son of Nut, had the bonds he made for him.

He who is in Letopolis has inspected me. I stretch out my arms over Osiris.

I have gone to the inspection; I have come to speak; let me pass that I might report the message.

I am he who enters the inspection, and comes forth magnified upon the door of Neb-er-djer, who has purified me upon the great district.

I drive out my evil; I destroy my sin; I destroy the evil which I possess.

I am pure; I am divine.

O doorkeepers, I have made a way. I am like you; I come forth by day, going on my feet; I have become powerful in coming.

O glorified spirits, I know the secret ways, and the doors of the Field of Reeds where I exist.

Behold, I am coming; I have cast down my enemies upon the earth, and my body is in its coffin.