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[1st half of chapter 85]

The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 84 (and 2nd half of Chapter 85)

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


To assume the form of a heron. Words spoken by the Osiris scribe Ani:

I have gained mastery over the sacrificial bulls, by the knife at their heads, [their] hair among their turquoise.

The old ones, the shining ones, they who have prepaired the moments, the Osiris Ani, true of voice in peace,

He makes slaughter on the earth, and the earth makes slaugher on him.

I am strong; I cause to praise to follow to the sky.

I have been cleansed; I have made wide my strides to my town in silence.

I go to Sepa, which was given in Wenu.

I have cast aside the gods upon their roads, and I have protected the houses and towns by their shrines.

I know the waters of Nut; I know Tatunen; I know the red one; I have drawn its horns. I know the the magical power; I have heard its words.

I am the red bull marked with writing.

Words spoken by the gods when they hear: Undress our face; he will come before me.

It is dawn when you are ignorant of the times in my body.

I do not speak in the place of truth today, which truth hides within its embrace at dusk, sailing to the festival of the sleeping one.

The old one is embraced and his land is guarded by the Osiris scribe Ani, true of voice.

[Chapter 84 ends here. The following text is the second part of chapter 85, which was mistakenly written here instead of in its correct location.]

I do not enter the room of the morning god.

I am he who ascribes glory to Osiris; I have made to rest the heart of they who are among his concerns.

I do not fear those who create awe in their lands.

Behold, I rejoice on my standard, on my seat.

I am the Celestial Ocean; I am not overthrown by those who do evil. I am Shu, the primeval substance.

As for my soul, it is a god. As for my soul, it is eternity.

I am the creator of darkness, making his place in the limits of the sky, the ruler of infinity. I rejoice in the lord of the place.

"I become young in the city, I rejuvinate myself in the field" is my name. "Imperishable" is my name.

I am the soul who has created the Celestial Ocean, making his place in the underworld.

My nest is unseen; I have broken the egg.

I am the lord of millions of years. I have made my nest in the limits of the sky, and descended to the earth of Geb, who drives out my sins.

I have seen my father as lord of Shawet.

As for the Osiris [the scribe has forgotten to fill in Ani's name here], his body is in Heliopolis, as ordered by they who are with the glorious god, upon the western grave of the ibis.