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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 82

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


To assume the form of Ptah. Words spoken by the Osiris Ani:

I eat bread; I drink beer; and I am clothed.

I have flown as a hawk, and cackled as a goose; I have alighted in that place at the side of the grave at the festival of the great god.

As for what is hateful, as for what is hateful, I do not eat it. As for feces, I do not eat it. As for what is hateful to my ka, it does not enter by body.

I am alive; indeed, let them know, the gods and glorified spirits, that I live.

I have mastery over their bread. I have mastery, and I eat it under the foliage with my lady Hathor.

I make offerings; I make bread in Busiris to lay down in Heliopolis.

I wear the cloth of Tait [the goddess of weaving]. I stand and sit where my heart desires

My head is as Ra, and I am gathered together as Atum and the four spirits from the length of the earth.

I come forth; my tongue is as Ptah, and my throat is as Hathor.

I recall the words of Atum to my father in my mouth. He pulls away the wife of Geb, breaking heads for him; the fear of him is there.

The cries are not repeated after every heir of the earth is accounted to Geb. Cool water escapes from Geb, and he gives me his crown.

They who are in Heliopolis lay down their heads for me. I am a bull, made strong from moment to moment.

I have mastery for millions of years.