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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 80

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


To assme the form of a god who gives light and darkness. Words spoken by the Osiris scribe Ani, true of foice:

I am the girdle of the cloth of the Celestial Ocean, white and shining, the guardian of his foreparts, brightening the darkness, uniting the two sister-goddesses who are in my body by the first great words of power of my mouth.

I do not raise up the one who is fallen; the one who is with him in the valley of Abydos falls down.

I am at peace; I remember him.

I have taken away the god Hu in my town wherein I found him.

In my strength I have brought darkness; I have plucked out the eye from the one who is without it.

The festival of the fifteenth day [of the month] does not come; I have weighed Set in the houses of they who are above, for the old one who is with him, and I have equipped Thoth in the house of the moon god.

The festival of the fifteenth day [of the month] does not come; I have have taken the white crown [of the south].

Truth is in my body, as turquoise and faience are its months. My land is there; as lapis lazuli are its fields.

I am the goddess Hem-nui, who brightens the darkness; I have come to brighten the darkness, and it is bright, it is bright.

I have brightened the darkness, and overthrown the destroyers.

I have made the wailing women who hide their faces to stand; they are still when they see me before[?] you.

I am the goddess Hem-nui, and I do not let you hear about her.