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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 58

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


A spell to breathe air and have mastery over water in the underworld. Words spoken by the Osiris Ani:

Open to me.

Who then are you? Who are you? Where have you made your transformations?

I am one of you.

Who is it who is with you?

They are the two goddesses of indundation.

Indeed, you separate head from head, drawing near the chamber of the bull's hide. He lets me travel to the House of the Finder of Faces.

Gatherer of Souls is the name of my ferryboat. One Who Makes the Hair Stand On End is the name of the oars. Thorn is the name of hold[?]. Stearing the Middle is the name of the rudder. Its likeness is the form; you wrap yourself for burial in the pool.

May you give me a vessel of milk, cakes and loaves of bread, cups of drink, and meat in the hous of Anubis.

If this spell is known, he will enter after coming forth in the underworld.