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[2nd copy of Ch. 30b]

The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 30b

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


To be spoken by the Osiris Ani.

He says, My heart of my mother, my heart of my mother, my heart of my form,

Do not stand against me in witness, do not turn me back at the Council, do not make your rebellion against me in the presence of the keeper of the balance.

You are my ka in my body, which unites and strengthens my limbs, you have come forth to the beautiful place.

Do not make my name to stink to the the nobles of the court, do not speak lies against me at the side of the god.

How good it is, how good to hear you... [the rest of the sentence appears to be missing]

Words spoken by Thoth, judge of truth of the great company of gods in the presence of Osiris: You have heard these words in very truth. The heart of Osiris has been weighed, and his soul stands in witness for him. He has been found true on the great balance. No evil has been found within him; he has not stolen the offerings of the temple; he has not sinned in his actions; he has not sent his mouth to speak evil while he was on earth.

Words spoken by the great company of gods to Thoth of Hermopolis: That which comes from your mouth has been decreed. The Osiris Ani, true of voice, is declared true. He has no evil; he has not sinned before us. Ammit shall not be allowed to prevail over him. May offerings be given to him, and the power to come forth in the presence of Osiris, and an estate established in the Field of Offerings like the followers of Horus.

Words spoken by the Osiris Ani. He says, Behold, I am in your presence, lord of Amentet. I have not sinned in my body; never, never have I spoken lies. Let be be like the honored ones in the following of Osiris, honored of the good god, beloved of the lord of the Two Lands, the true scribe, his beloved, Ani, true of voice before Osiris.

Words spoken by Horus the son of Isis.

I have come before you, Wen-nefer; I have brought the Osiris Ani, whose heart has come forth true from the balance.

He has not sinned before any god or any goddess; Thoth has weighed him as scribe of the word of the company of gods, and he is judged true.

May bread and beer be given to him, and the power to come forth in the presence of Osiris and be like a follower of Horus forever.


This pictures accompanying this chapter are identified by captions separate from the main text. The captions read as follows:

[over the heads of the 12 gods shown along the upper left, reading from right to left:]

[over the heads of the two goddesses to the left of the balance:]

[by the god to the right of Renenet and Meskhenet:]

[above the head of Anubis:]
Words spoken by he who is in the embalmment chamber: Turn your face toward the weighing of truth in the balance to establish it.

[above the table of offerings at the lower right end of the chapter:]

[in the pavilion, in front of Osiris:]

[over the four sons of Horus in front of Osiris:]