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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 26

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


A spell to give a heart to the Osiris Ani, to him in the underworld.

May my heart be to me in the house of hearts; may by breast be to me in the house of breasts.

My heart belongs to me; it is at rest there.

I will not eat the bread offerings of Osiris at the eastern side of the Lake of Flowers when you sail up and down; I will not go down to the boat which you are in.

May my mouth be to me so that I may speak with it; my legs to walk, and my arms to cast down my enemy.

May the doors of heaven be opened to me; may Geb, chief of the gods, open a passage through his jaws for me.

May he open my eyes which are bound; may he stretch out my legs which are tied together.

May Anubis make my thighs to flourish, which are tied against me; may the goddess Sekhmet raise me up.

May I be in heaven; may I give commands in Memphis; may I know my heart.

May I have mastery over my breast; may I have mastery over my my arms, may I have mastery over my legs; may I have mastery over the deeds my ka desires.

May my soul not be imprisoned [in] my body [at] the gates of the west when I enter in peace and come forth in peace.