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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 22

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


A spell to give a mouth to the Osiris scribe and accountant of the offerings of all the gods, Ani, true of voice, to him in the underworld.

Words to be spoken: I am risen from the egg in the hidden land. My mouth is given to me that I may speak with it in the presence of the great god, the lord of the underworld. May I not be turned away from the Council of any god. I am Osiris, lord of Re-Staw. The lot of the Osiris scribe Ani, true of voice, is with he who is on top of the steps. I have come as my heart desires to the Burning Island; I have extinguished the fire.

[In later papyri, the following text forms a separate chapter, Chapter 21]
Homage to you, lord of radience at the head of the temple, chief of total darkness. I have come before you; I am glorious; I am pure. My arms are behind you. Your ancestors are your portion. Give my my mouth so that I may speak with it. May I lead my heart in its hour of burning incense of night.
[The following rubric normally belongs with Chapter 72, which does not occur in the Papyrus of Ani]
If this book is known upon earth in writing on the coffin, he will come forth by day in whatever form he wishes, and he enter to the place, and he shall not be turned away. Bread and beer and meat will be given to him on the alter of Osiris. He will enter in peace to the Field of Reeds, to know this command of the one in Busiris. Barley and wheat will be given to him in it. Green things will be before him as he was on earth. He will do as he desires like the company of gods which is in the underworld, continuously, millions of times, the Osiris scribe Ani.