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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 185

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


Praise of Osiris at the head of the West, Wen-nefer at the heart of Abydos, by the Osiris Ani, true of voice:

He says, O my lord, passing through eternity, whose being is infinite,

Lord of lords, king of kings, prince, god of gods,

They who are with you [?] [come] before before you as gods and people.

I have made their places at the head of the underworld.

They beseech the forms of your ka, they who come for millions and millions of years, arriving and establishing the balance for you on [your] body, their faces turned toward you.

No delay arises for them in Egypt. Behold, they come to you, the mortal ones, the great like the little.

Let him enter and leave the underworld without repulse at the doors of the netherworld, to the ka of the Osiris Ani.

Image caption: Sekeri-Osiris, lord of the hidden shrine, the great god, lord of the underworld.