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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 15

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


Adoration of Ra from his rising on the horizon to his setting in life. Words spoken by the Osiris scribe Ani:

Homage to you, Ra in his shining, Atum-Harmachis who is praised.

Your beauties are in my eyes; glory comes into being over my skin.

You advance when you set in the boat of sunset; your heart is glad in the breeze in the boat of morning, whose heart is joyful.

[You] pass through that which is above as peaceful ones; your enemies are overthrown.

The stars which never rest sing praises to you; the stars which never perish adore you.

[You] set at the horizon of Manu, beatiful in morning and evening, living lord, established as my lord.

Homage to you, Ra when he rises, Atum at your beautiful setting.

You rise, you shine on the back of your mother, crowned as king of the gods.

Nut does homage to your face, and truth embraces you at morning and evening.

You travel through what is above; your heart is glad.

The Lake of Knives becomes peaceful; the demons are fallen, and their arms are bound, and their backbones are cut up by the blade.

Ra is as a good breeze; the sunset boat is drawn forth; it it towed at its arrival.

Those who are in the south, the north, the west, and the east praise you, the two companies of gods, the forms of being.

[Your] voice goes out to the earth, flooded in silence,

One who comes into being, who is in heaven, when the ground and mountains had not come into being,

Guardian, one lord, maker of things that exist,

You have smelted [in gold] the tongue of the company of gods,

Plucking out that which is in the water from which you come forth, on the irrigated land of the Lake of Horus.

May I breathe the air which comes from your nostrils, the north wind which comes from your mother.

May you glorify my spirit; may you make Osiris, my soul, divine.

[You] are adored [in] peace, lord of gods; you are exalted by your wonders.

May you pour out radiance on my body like Ra,

The Osiris scribe and accountant of the offerings of all the gods, the overseer of all the granaries of Abydos, the true royal scribe, his beloved, Ani, true of voice in peace.