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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 15

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


Adoration of Ra at his rising on the eastern horizon of heaven, by the Osiris scribe of the holy offerings of all the gods, Ani.

He says, Homage to you, who are come as Khepri, Khepri when he created the gods.

You ascend, you rise,

Illuminating your mother, crowned as king of the gods; with her own hands Mother Nut performs the pouring of the libation for you.

Manu receives you in peace, Maat embraces you at the times of morning and evening.

He gives glory, strength, and truth of voice, and the power to come forth as a living soul to see Harmakhis, to the ka of the Osiris scribe Ani, true of voice before Osiris.

He says, O all you gods of the House of the Soul, weighers of heaven and earth in the balance, givers of food and sustenence,

Tatunen, one maker of mortals and the company of gods of the south, north, west, and east.

Give praise to Ra, lord of heaven, prince (life, strength, and health to him), maker of the gods.

You adore him in his beautiful image when he ascends in the Boat of Morning.

Those who are above worship you; those who are below worship you. Thoth and Maat are your recorders every day.

Your enemy is given to the fire, Sebiu is fallen;

His arms are bound, Ra has seized his legs, and as for the sons of impotent revolt, they have no being.

The House of the Prince is in festival; the voice of those who rejoice is in the great place.

The gods rejoice when they see Ra when he ascends; his rays flood the lands.

The venerable majesty of this god advances, he has attained the land of Manu.

His birth brightens the dawn every day; he has arrived at his place of yesterday.

May you be satisfied with me; may I see your beauties; may I advance upon the earth.

May I strike the ass; may I cut Sebiu to pieces; may I destroy Apep at his moment.

May I see the Abdju-fish at his time of appearance, and the Inet-fish when it appears, and the Inet-boat in its pool.

May I see Horus as the guardian of the rudder, Thoth and Maat at his side; May I receive the bow of the Boat of Evening and the stern of the Boat of Morning.

May he let me see the Disk of the Sun, and grant me the sight of the the Moon-god unceasingly, every day.

May my soul come forth to walk wherever it pleases; may my name be proclaimed when it it found on the table of offerings; may food offerings be given to me in my presence like the followers of Horus.

May a place be made for me in the boat on the day when the god sails forth; may I be received in the presence of Osiris in the land of truth of voice.

To the ka of the Osiris Ani.