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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 110

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


The beginning of the spells of the Field of Offerings, and the spells of coming forth by day and entering into and coming forth from the underworld, arriving in the Field of Reeds, and being at peace in the great town of the lady of winds.

I have mastery there; I am glorious there;

I plow there; I reap there;

I eat there; I drink there,

doing everything which is done on earth.

Words spoken by the Osiris Ani Ani [sic], true of voice:

You are the seizer, Horus. It is Set whose eyes look upon the building of the Field of Offerings.

Air is spread over the soul on its day in the egg. He delivers the inside of the body of Horus.

I search him out in the chamber of Shu; his chamber is the stars.

Behold, I am at peace in his times, and he leads the vessels [?] of the company of the eldest gods.

He pacifies the fighters for the keepers of life; he creates goodness, bringing an offering.

He pacifies the fighters for their keepers, and cuts off the mourners from their adversaries.

He drives out disasters from the children, smiting against rape and injury of souls.

I have mastery there. I know it; I sail over its lakes to arrive at its towns.

I am strong; my mouth is equipped.

As for the glorified spirits, they shall not gain mastery over me, for I am equipped in the Field of Offerings.

That which you desire is that which you will do.